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Planning,  procurement, transportation, supply, & maintenance – United States Department of Defense (See flowchart below)  

Enterprising spirit

Portlight Strategies Inc:  A vast number of the survivors are living in “tent” cities where most of the “tents” are really nothing more than bed sheets draped over ropes and sticks; the potential for a second humanitarian disaster is vast and it’s not a matter of if it happens, it’s a matter of when it happens… We have found a number of groups looking at using shipping containers for this purpose… Read more… 

American Continental 2000: In response to the overwhelming need that has developed following the recent earthquake in Haiti, America Continental 2000 is accepting donated building materials, equipment, tools and volunteer efforts at its main receiving location to help those affected by this catastrophic natural disaster… Read more… And see Letter to Bill Clinton.

Photo by Creativity

Mariah Carey and friends sing for Haiti: Everybody Hurts

Allocation of funds

Unallocated 200M, Food 141M, Health 53.7M, Coordination 50.5M, Water/sanitation 34.4M, Education 19.7M, Shelter 18.3M,  Protection 18.1M   Read more…


All organizations operating in the Haiti Earthquake response have been asked to provide their pipeline information to the Logistics Cluster so an overview of assistance can be made available to the humanitarian community, the government and donors. This should be forwarded to   

All humanitarian partners, including donors and recipient agencies, are encouraged to inform FTS of cash and in-kind contributions by sending an email to:    

To see who is doing what, where: please see this Relief Organization Presence Map and the List of Humanitarian Partners. Please help OCHA to improve the data by submitting your presence on  

UN Humanitarian Response Depot

The UNHRD is a WFP Network able to deliver humanitarian relief items worldwide within 24/48 hrs. The Network provides storage, logistics support and services to UN humanitarian agencies, international humanitarian organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, thus reinforcing capacity for humanitarian emergency response. Read more… 

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Important do’s & don’ts

1. Necessary documentation:

Deliveries of supplies and transfer of personnel into Haiti must be co-ordinated by the disaster relief coordinating cluster authorities first.  Logistics coordination is an intensive and large-scale investment of time, labour, supplies, equipment, and funding. The most efficient use of logistics resources, therefore, is to move large quantities for large numbers of people.  Please read Standard Operating Procedures and the Customs Guide  before moving on. 

Here is what you will need. Please read this material carefully:   

a Request Letter is no longer required as of 08 Feb 2010  

a Cargo Movement Request must include  the following information:  

  • Consignor: Organisation / Agency sending
  • Consignor: contact person, title, phone number, e-mail sending
  • Consignee: contact person, title, phone number, e-mail receiving
  • Destination: Cargo moved from and to
  • Ready to move date for Cargo
  • Cargo description:  part, quantity, unit of measure, description of items, package type, package quantity, total gross weight, total gross volume
  • Complete packing list
  • Signature, date
  • NO dangerous goods or cold chain can be accepted
  • distribution coordinator: though not required, it would also be helpful to provide the name and contact info of the person at the final destination who is responsible for distributing the supplies among those who need them there
  • distribution area: again, this is not required, but it is helpful to Logistics coordinators in Haiti.

Temporary Storage Request    

a Release Order  

If these links are broken on the original website then look for them under Key Documents and under More Key Documents.

2. Needs:

Look into  

  • what specific needs there are in Haiti
  • which ones are the most critical
  • the quantity of items needed
  • in what region the needs occur, and
  • who is already doing what, where.

To this end, please follow the RSS feeds in the sidebar; the OCHA Situation Reports and Help Haiti Heal. To see who is already doing what and where refer to the Relief Organization Presence Map.  (Page 1 shows the map with abbreviations of the relief organizations. Pages 2, 3, and 4 show the names of the organizations) Also helpful are Relief Web / OCHA / One ResponseMinustahBusiness UN / Haitian Red Cross.  

3. Who will accept responsibility for your shipment in Haiti?

You will also need to make sure that your consignee has a Release Order and that he/she signs it and hands it over to the Cluster authorities at the port. Otherwise the Transit Hub will not release your shipment.     

Please also read the Overview page.

Report relief needs:

Send free text msg to 4636 or call 177 from a Voila phone. These are passed to NGOs in the area.

OCHA photographs

Critical needs 

01 Mar 2010:  Distribution of shelter and sanitation solutions remain the highest priorities at the moment.

16 Mar 2010: ventilators for acute respiratory disease; vaccines: tetanus, measles, anthrax, dengue, flu medicine: for diarrhea, infection, blood pressure also aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamins, cough syrup; nurses; mobile first aid clinics; prostheticssanitation 5-gal plastic buckets, soap, disinfect’t, tpaper; water bottled, purification kits  food ready-to-eat; transitional shelter materials: recycled corrugated aluminum sheets (21 ft x 12 ft), timber   

Critical guidance

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator leads the coordination of humanitarian efforts through the humanitarian cluster system. Clusters are: Logistics, Emergency telecommunications, Emergency shelter, Health, Nutrition, Water/sanitation/hygiene, Early recovery and protection, Camp coordination, Protection. See side bar for links to UN cluster chairs. And see How are disaster relief efforts organised?          

Cluster partners include UN, governments, militaries, NGOs, businesses, and so on. The general public can help these clusters in delivering aid —  but only by respecting cluster operations systems and by working in cooperation with the cluster authorities. Not knowing or not respecting cluster operations systems can put into play chaotic variables which may result in more suffering.        

For more information see Relief Web Haiti Logistics Cluster Interagency Transport and Logistics Operating Procedures — and for an overview of who does what? where? OCHA contact information     

Please also read the Logistics overview page.     


Aerial view of fleet of ships off the coast of Haiti 

Fuel acquisition

If you are an NGO in the earthquake area you can get FREE diesel fuel for your generators.   It is only for generators that are being used for the good of many people (i.e clinics, orphanges etc).  Will give 20-30 gallons at a time. Contact: Ted Honcharik, Chairman of Fuel Relief Fund, Phone: 951 233 0283      

Have a truck, plane, boat, warehouse, folks to sort/pack/load? Suggestions? Feedback on the process?   

Please post a comment below, giving us your state/province, city, organization/website, contact info, restrictions, instructions, and any other information, suggestions that you have about logistics.                           

Who directs the logistics for your help project?

You. These pages/sidebars are your office. Your staff and materiels are in your own community.       

In Haiti    
What is needed?    
What area? How many people affected there? In your city
    Find storage, drop/off, pick/up
Find truck , plane to US port Find folks, stuff to sort/pack/load Find supplies
Find boat or plane to DR/Haiti    
In Haiti Fill out Haiti Logistics Cluster forms for clearance Do you need security?
    Find truck or plane to end point
Find folks to run storage, distribution At end point Find fuel
UN recommends women for this job    
Find storage: hospitals for meds; churches for all else    


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