All organizations operating in the Haiti Earthquake response have been asked to provide their pipeline information to the Logistics Cluster so an overview of assistance can be made available to the humanitarian community, the government and donors. This should be forwarded to Global.LogisticsCluster@wfp.org 

All humanitarian partners, including donors and recipient agencies, are encouraged to inform FTS of cash and in-kind contributions by sending an email to: fts@reliefweb.int.  

To see who is doing what, where: please see this Relief Organization Presence Map.  Please help OCHA to improve the data by submitting your presence on http://haiti.oneresponse.info 

Haiti civil society directory


US Military

22nd MEU Capt. Clark Carpenter 910-546-4421 clark.carpenter@usmc.mil
Capt. Binford Strickland Cell: 252-904-6556
Master Sgt. Keith A. Milks Cell: 910-451-7489

Logistics cluster contacts

Links to cluster sites are here.  Contacts in other clusters are here.


New York: Ms.Heidi Kuttab, Desk Officer, Coordination and Response Division kuttab@un.org + 1 917367 33 65

General contacts 

Government of Haiti website: http://haitiseisme2010.gouv.ht/

Haiti coordination website: http://haiti.oneresponse.info 

For more information on Haiti and other crises, visit: www.reliefweb.int 

For information on OCHA: http://ochaonline.un.org/haiti

Guide to humanitarian giving for the Haiti Earthquake: http://ochaonline.un.org/donatetohaiti 

For information on ICRC’s family tracing service, go to: http://www.familylinks.icrc.org/familylinks. 

For the logistics cluster: http://www.logcluster.org/ops/hti10a

For the emergency telecommunications cluster: www.wfp.org/ict-emergency 

For the shelter cluster: http://groups.google.com/group/shelterhaiti2010

UNHAS flights from SD to PAP: http://www.logcluster.org/ops/hti10a/flash-news-17-january-2010-unhas

Gender ABCs for Haiti: http://oneresponse.info/crosscutting/gender/ 

From Logistics Cluster

Full contact list for the Logistics Cluster currently deployed in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. See here for updates.

Port au Prince, Haiti

Matthew Hollingworth, Head of the Global Logistics Cluster Support Cell
matthew.hollingworth@wfp.org; Tel +509 3778 1936
Andrew Stanhope, Logistics Cluster Coordinator
andrew.stanhope@wfp.org; Tel +503 7861 5152
Kennet Blixt, Logistics Officer
kennet.blixt@wfp.org; Tel +509 3786 6782
Massimiliano Cosci, Logistics Officer
massimiliano.cosci@wfp.org Tel n/a
Edmondo Perrone, Logistics Officer
edmondo.perrone@wfp.org; Tel +509 3701 2341
Elena Rovaris, Logistics Officer
elena.rovaris@wfp.org; Tel +509 3786 6652, +39 340 24 64 481
Christophe Morard, Logistics Officer
Christophe.morard@wfp.org; Tel +509 3786 6550
Baptiste Burgaud, Logistics Officer, baptiste.burgaud@wfp.org; Tel +39 349 050 7280
Derline Mentor, Logistics Assistant
derline.mentor@wfp.org; Tel +509 3701 2341
Esther Russell, Information Management Officer
esther.russell@wfp.org; Tel +509 3791 8261

UN Humanitarian Air Services

Philippe Martou, Deputy Chief of Aviation Services
philippe.martou@wfp.org; Tel n/a

Cesar Arroyo, Chief Air Logistics
cesar.arroyo@wfp.org; Tel +509 3492 1851

 Andre Peclard, Air Transport Officer
andre.peclard@wfp.org; Tel +509 3491 1413
Guy Curvers, Air Transport Officer
guy.curvers@wfp.org ; Tel +509 3775 7758
Mark Bonnell, Air Trandsport Officer
mark.bonell@wfp.org; Tel +509 3778 2636
Sheryl Fuller, Air Transport Officer
sheryl.fuller@wfp.org; Tel +509 3791 7039

Atlas Logistique

Antoine Engrand, Head of Mission
hial.homhaiti@yahoo.fr ; Tel +509 3701 6752
Jeremie Houdin, Logistics Cluster Liaison Officer
hial.logclusterhaiti@yahoo.fr ; Tel +509 3491 5529
Benoit Aurench, Inter-agency Fleet Coordinator
hial.cdphiati@yahoo.fr ; Tel +509 3617 8993

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo


Henrik Hansen, Head WFP Logistics and Logistics Cluster Coordinator
henrik.hansen@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 437 2211; Tel +39 348 528 4715

Irving Prado, Logistics Officer
irving.prado@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 645 0002

Irving Prado, Logistics Cluster Coordinator, irving.prado@wfp.org; Tel +39 340 956 7291 

Eva-Kristin Pedersen, Information Management Officer
evakristin.pedersen@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 817 1606

Patrick Baudry, NFI Tracking Officer
patrick.baudry@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 645 0015

Martin Liebl, Logistics Officer (THW Secondee), martin.liebl@gmx.de; Tel +18 299 943 575

UN Humanitarian Air Service

Samson Mwangi, Chief Air Transport Officer
Samson.mwangi@wfp.org; Tel +1 829 643 0024

 Mike Aitchison, Air Operations Officer
mike.aitchison@wfp.org; Tel +1 829 643 0028

 Stig Larsson, Air Transport Officer
stig.larsson@wfp.org; +1 829 643 0032

 Paolo Piconese, Passenger Officer
paolo.piconese@wfp.org; Tel +1 829 457 4401

 German Puente, Air Logistics Officer
German.puente@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 799 1606

 Jan Steinvik , Air Transport Officer
jan.steinvik@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 645 0019

 Jarno Nisula, Air Transport Officer
jarno.nisula@wfp.org; tel + 1 829 439 5551 


Angus Fraser, Head of Sub Office
angus.Fraser@wfp.org; Tel +1 829 645 0018

 Elmar Reyes, Logistics Officer
elmar.reyes@wfp.org; Tel +1 829 961 7567


Belkacem Machane; Head of Sub Office
belkacem.machane@wfp.org; Tel + 1 829 795 4606

Nelson Ortega, Logistics Officer
nelson.ortega@wfp.org, Tel +1 829 795 4606


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