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News you can use (nouvelles utiles)

Local radio stations in Haiti are airing Creole-language humanitarian information broadcasts produced by Internews in collaboration with a growing alliance of humanitarian aid and media assistance providers.

The program, Enfomasyon Nou Dwe Konnen (News You Can Use) is produced daily and distributed to local radio stations, which are eager to air it.

The show began January 21st, and has distributed critical information about water distribution points, openings of displaced persons camps, the role of search and rescue teams, public health advisories, and more. Local journalists, hired by Internews, are reporting the stories. Listen in…

Radio Balade

Under its slogan “The bridge between Northwestians overseas, Haiti and the world,” Balade FM aims to show his identity and be at the forefront of innovation in the field of broadcasting in the northwest of Haiti. In effect, broadcasting from the town of Port de Paix on 102.3 FM stereo and on the web at said this station coverage is almost national. However, broadcasting has been compromised due to damage to the building and displacement of the owner. Read more…

Reporters Without Borders Operational Center Port au Prince

The Media Center operating in Port-au-Prince, established by Quebecor and Reporters Without Borders, was officially launched with support from the Government of Haiti, January 21, 2010.

The Center’s mandate is to:
1 – to provide Haitian Journalists equipment necessary for the exercise of their profession
2 – as a meeting place with international colleagues
3 – provide a framework for the various associations for the protection of the profession in Haiti
4 – provide a platform of information to political authorities and NGOs wishing to apply to as many media
5 – advise and assist the government and partners in the relaunch issue of media affected by the earthquake in both the capital and the provinces, particularly in the towns of Petit-Goave, Grand Goave and Leogane hard hit by the earthquake of January 12.

The Center has a capacity of 20 workstations, a conference room seating 40 and terrace seating up to 60 people. It will have an internet broadband, a telephone circuit, an audio / video conference, a link to satellite television, a print service and a device for Home and supplies for journalists in distress. Read more…

Situation reports, updates

15 Feb 2010 OCHA Situation Report

 Port au Prince: Out of 20 stations surveyed in PaP, seven were completely destroyed and only two suffered little or no damage. Many stations are broadcasting reduced hours due to fuel shortages, and lack of advertising revenue is a major and growing problem. CDAC Haiti Lessons Learned and Strategic Planning meeting schedule for February 26th in London.

Leogane: IMS found that only 3 of 14 stations were still broadcasting and 9 had been completely destroyed

Petit Goave: IMS found that only 5 out of 14 stations were operational

Nouvelles Utiles: Internews now producing 15 minutes a day on average, going out on around 25 stations including MINUSTAH FM. Listen in…

MINUSTAH FM reaches 80% of the island and programme team have received texts from Jacmel. Feedback service for listeners has been established – they can now text/call programme. First 24 hours of this service produced over 800 texts/calls. Key issue of concern for callers is still availability of food aid and information requests concerning the WFP food distribution system. Listen in…

UNFPA are planning a half hourly radio show talking about psychosocial issues

AMARC have identified a community radio women’s network – REFRAKA. Their offices were destroyed but their staff survived – AMARC are assisting them to regroup and re-establish media production. Video report available on NING site.

AMARC/SAKS have begun visiting and assessing community radio stations outside the immediately affected quake area which serve areas where large numbers of IDPs have congregated.

International radio: BBC Creole service ceased broadcasting on February 12th. Application for funding to produce a new, longer term service has been made to ERRF. Read more…


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