Fuel acquisition

If  you are an NGO in the earthquake area you can get FREE diesel fuel for your generators.   It is only for generators that are being used for the good of many people (i.e clinics, orphanges etc).  Will give 20-30 gallons at a time. Contact: Ted Honcharik, Chairman of Fuel Relief Fund, Phone: 951 233 0283 thoncharik@fuelrelieffund.org 

Red zone, green zone

Huffington Post 16 March 2010: Red Zone now began to mean; “we don’t want you to spend money there”. “We don’t want you hanging out there.” “Thats a poor or middle class area and we don’t want you or us to be seen there.” “We want you to go spend your money in the Green Zone.” “We want you to go to these specific hotels, these restaurants and this part of town.” “If you don’t comply, we will fire you or you will lose your funding.” Read more… 

Freight forwarders

This list of freight forwarders was provided by Logistics Cluster.  

24 Feb 2010 Logistics Cluster: fees for cargo at PaP airport

At PaP airport, the humanitarian cargo village will close at the end of this week and cargo left at the airport will be subject to charges. There might be a shortage as well of bonded warehousing and holding areas, as of handling equipment. The Logistics Cluster has begun investigating into what handlers exist and what capacity they have. Cargo that has been cleared by customs can be stored temporarily by the Logistics Cluster pending onward transport. Read more…  

Prioritization of inbound humanitarian cargo

Prioritisation of inbound humanitarian cargo is critical to support the establishment of a functioning slot system at Port-au-Prince airport. The Logistics Cluster, on behalf of the humanitarian community, aims to ensure that incoming flight slots designated for humanitarian cargo at Port-au-Prince airport are granted to aircraft carrying humanitarian life-saving or life-enabling materials. It should therefore be mandatory for carriers requesting a slot to submit information on the    

  • consigner
  • consignee and
  • details of the cargo (packing list).

It is noted that only the airport authorities can allocate landing slots to the aircraft operator. The Logistics Cluster advises on the allocation of these slots. Therefore flights into Port-au-Prince should only contain cargo that is consigned to organisations that are able (themselves or through a common service) to evacuate the cargo from the airport (or port) upon arrival and to distribute or utilise the materials immediately. In this way it will be possible to limit the quantity of unsolicited bilateral donations i.e. materials dispatched without obvious consignees.  

 Humanitarian aid arriving at the airport without a consignee or addressed to an organisation unable to arrange onward transport has a significantly detrimental impact on all airport operations. Unclaimed cargo offloaded from planes blocks valuable space that should be available for aircraft movement. It is therefore imperative that only aircraft carrying cargo that can be immediately collected from the airport be allocated landing space.  


Timesharing on the Heavy Airlift Wing  

Ferries to Ile de La Gonave 

Ferries depart from Archaie or Montrouis or St Marc. Ferries dock on Il La Gonave at Pointe-a-Raquette or Anse-A-Galet.  

Air transport

 Air operations / Airports Dominican Republic / Airports Haiti / Airstrip runway lengths Haiti   

Port au Prince Toussaint l’Ouverture Intl Airport

There are 30-50 flights per day entering PAP with international humanitarian cargo. The flow of aircraft is not expected to slow in the near future. Flights should be diverted to Santo Domingo if the cargo is not carrying life-saving items required within two or three days. The Logistics Cluster can arrange entry to the Log Base at the airport for organisations planning to visit the humanitarian cargo village, if informed in advance.  

Santo Domingo Las Americas Intl Airport

Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo is also starting to experience congestion problems. Additional slots are being opened to operate from 22h00 to 07h00. There are 30-50 flights per day entering PAP with international humanitarian cargo. The flow of aircraft is not expected to slow in the near future. Flights should be diverted to Santo Domingo if the cargo is not carrying life-saving items required within two or three days. The Logistics Cluster can arrange entry to the Log Base at the airport for organisations planning to visit the humanitarian cargo village, if informed in advance.  

UN Humanitarian Air Service

Passenger booking form for flights into PaP from Santo Domingo. UNHAS has a presence at Port-au-Prince airport, currently at the DHL office, and can give on-site assistance.   

Passenger service SDQ-PAP: Two passenger flights a day managed by UNHAS are taking place – from now on these will depart from La Isabela International Airport in Santo Domingo. A second aircraft will soon be added to increase capacity. Flights from Santo Domingo are booked through submission of a Passenger Request Form to unhaspax.haiti@wfp.org Forms can be downloaded from: http://www.logcluster.org/ops/hti10a/UNHAS-HAITI-BOOKING-FORM.xls/view  

Passenger service PAP-SDQ: For now, passenger flights from Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo are booked by UNHAS in person at the MINUSTAH Log Base.  

Cargo service: Helicopter deliveries to specific locations in Haiti can be accommodated. Details should be given to the Logistics Cluster 24 hours prior to the flight, 48 hours in the case of new locations requiring an assessment flight (unlikely to be necessary for UNHAS but probably required for US heavylift aircraft). However possible delivery locations in within PAP are limited.  

Cargo Movement Requests and all enquiries regarding cargo movement should be sent to haiti.cargo@logcluster.org  

Organisations with a mandate not to use military assets can inform the Logistics Cluster and only inter-agency assets will be tasked.  


Small plane (MU2) landing on unpaved airstrip in Haiti  

MU2 photo

Canadian Forces

Jamaica Airbridge used for C-17s: “…Canada is starting to ferry troops in through Jacmel airport because the PaP (Port-au-Prince) airport is so congested,” Col. Bruce Ewing of the Canadian Forces said Wednesday… “This is going to be a hub for Canadian Forces personnel.” The airstrip is small, making it a challenge for large planes to land. Still, a seemingly endless stream of aircraft was using the airport. Even a Canadian military Hercules transport landed with personnel and equipment for the Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART, although it was apparently not fully loaded to ensure that it could safely use the undersized runway.  

 The airport is being upgraded. Canada is providing lighting, and the navy ship HMCS Halifax offshore has radar that can be used to guide incoming and outgoing flights. Other countries including the United States are involved in making the airport more usable for larger relief shipments. “Once this air strip has been cleared for use,” Defence Minister Peter MacKay said in Ottawa, “the Canadian Forces will be in a position to control, manage the air space in the region of Haiti to allow our aircraft, Canadian Forces aircraft, to move in and out of Haiti and avoid the congestion that we’ve seen at the Port-au-Prince airport since the mission began.”  

There is also an agreement to use a Jamaican airport as a transit point for Canadian military flights. “With this air bridge we’ll be able to use the larger C-17 Globe Master aircraft to carry people, supplies and equipment between Canadian Forces base Trenton and Kingston, Jamaica,” MacKay said. “From there we’ll be able to use the C-130 Hercules aircraft for short haul trips into Haiti…” (Winnipeg Free Press)   


Canadian Forces C-130 landing on unpaved 3300-ft airstrip at Jacmel  


Canadian Forces C-17 takes off from British Columbia  

US Military

 Air operations: c. 40 military aircraft   

Airfield management: Open 24 hrs per day; capacity 120 aircraft per day. Haitian air traffic controllers are now providing coverage for landings and take offs during the day. US military air traffic controllers are providing assistance during the evening hours until more Haitians complete training. Commercial flights have now resumed.  


Helicopters take off from USS Kearsarge  

Sea transport

18 Mar 2010:  All Log Cluster members are requested to provide exhaustive shipment arrival information to the new email address haiti.shipping@logcluster.org. LC will reply back to the organisations with information on their slots at the PaP port. 

Logistics Cluster photo: loading from barge

The Port Authority

Schedule of dockings.   

Phone number: (509) 22 23-2440   

Requests for berthing slots must now be submitted to APN with 72 hours notice. 

Slide show of repaired seaport at Port au Prince 

25 Feb 2010 Relief Web: unloading at South Pier, Port au Prince …To ensure continued capacity, WFP is donating a 16 mt forklift to the Port Authorities… With the assistance of the US Coast Guard, Navy and Army, who took over management of the port in support of the Autorite Portuaire Nationale, two crane ships were deployed which can load and unload cargo without facilities and then transport to shore on smaller landing crafts or lighters.  

 The US Military has now completed the installation of two barges and placed them against the old wharf to serve as floating docks. These will be critical to operations following the redeployment of US assets. Interim repairs to the South pier are ahead of schedule and are expected to be finished as of the second week of April, after which full repairs will begin.   

Currently the transition of port management back to the APN and commercial operators is underway, and the handover of port operations and security will be complete by March 1. The US will continue support in a coordination and management role for the coming month …  


US Navy/Coast Guard repair pier at Port au Prince  

Engineering:  A team of about 2000 US Army logisticians is replacing the over-the-shore capabilities with robust sea-based and land-based logistical support including landing craft, cargo handling equipment, transport vehicles.    

Surface transport

Road conditions / Vehicle registration brief  

Atlas Logistique truck fleet

The Logistic Cluster in Haiti is coordinating the transportation of humanitarian aid through the inter-agency  fleet operated by Handicap International/Atlas Logistique.  The HI/AL team is supporting the cluster with 23 trucks operating out of Port-au-Prince, 10 out of Jacmel and 3 out of Petit Goave and by managing an interagency warehouse in Port-au-Prince. Read more…  

Clinton truck fleet

 Patrick Lavand’homme, Intercluster coordinator, +509 3491 7274, interclusterhaiti@gmail.com

 Christine Knudsen, Intercluster coordinator, +509 3490 5856, cknudsen@unicef.org

Penske Truck Leasing Responds to Haiti Relief Efforts

Penske trucks

16 Mar 2010:  Criteria for requesting trucks are available on the website. A committee is being formed. There are 30 pickups; another 20 pickups on the way. Specs and photos. Read more…

To this fleet, the Clinton Foundation has added 8 Penske trucks and Daimler have added 20 Fuso Canto trucks. Read more… 

12 Mar 2010: LogCluster – Allocation of Clinton trucks: Following the Clinton Foundation’s in-kind grant of vehicles to WFP and the agreement of the HCT to allocate the light vehicles to humanitarian partners and national institutions, the Logistics Cluster is coordinating their allocation to projects run by partner organisations. Read more… 


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