Leogane: Logistics Cluster has 2 Mobile Storage Units (MSU’s) that are 600 sqm in Leogane for Interagency Storage. Handson Response is managing these facilities.

Jacmel:  LC announced that another MSU in Jacmel, again for interagency storage, is being offered by UNICEF. LC is working closely with both organizations at these storage sites.

Port au Prince: Logistics Cluster is increasing interagency storage capacity in Port-au-Prince, as well as bringing in equipment and increasing personnel at the existing site. Two 3,000 m2 hurricane-proof mobile storage units being constructed by WFP for joint WFP / Logistics Cluster use are now complete. And now Logistics Cluster is building a third interagency storage area on 2 hectares of fenced land outside PaP.

Petit Goave:  Atlas/Handicap International is considering establishing interagency storage in Petit Goave, in coordination with the Logistics Cluster. For the Logistics Cluster to coordinate the warehousing your cargo, you will need a Temporary Storage Request.

Santo Domingo: The Logistics Cluster in Santo Domingo has secured an additional 2,000 m2 warehouse at Caucedo port to add to the 3,000 m2 facility already in use. A dedicated 2,500 m2 storage area is also available at Santo Domingo airport.

Miscellaneous warehouses in Haiti: Christian Aid / CaritasCatholic Relief Services / American Red CrossUNICEFUnited Nations logistics cluster contacts

Procedures, time, & costs to build a warehouse in Haiti

Go here.

USAID Health Logistics Team Leader John Dunlop in Haiti

 CRS distributes food from Haitian warehouses, Dominican Republic

Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services, which is coordinating the church’s relief and recovery efforts in Haiti, was able to get a jump-start on distributing aid because it already had warehouses filled with supplies in Haiti set up after the 2008 hurricanes in the region. After [distributing supplies] from the Port-au-Prince warehouse Jan 14, the agency began distributing supplies from one of its other warehouses in Les Cayes, about 90 miles from Port-au-Prince. CRS volunteers and staff in the Dominican Republic were purchasing and assembling boxes of food, including sardines and peanut butter, to deliver to Port-au-Prince.

Contact CRS 888-277-7575 | info@crs.org and @CatholicRelief on twitter. Read more…

CRS in Haiti for 55+ years, 340 permanent employees on the ground

American Red Cross distributes shelter & household items

They stock non-food items which serve 10 000  people a day: shelter kits, blankets, kitchen sets. Go here.


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